Hey there -M- Clan!

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Hey there -M- Clan!

Postby -M- Kaiju » Sun Oct 23, 2016 6:20 pm

Hello all, just recently joined and am excited to be apart of what to me seems like a genuine collective of badass gamers. I hope my presence will be an asset to you guys as I look forward to make new friends and partake in the digital revelry. This is the first proper clan I've ever joined so you have my loyalty good sirs (and madams? lol). With that said, there isn't much to say about myself. I'm a 30 y/o 3D artist/animator living in northeast Pennsylvania (originally from NY) where I live with my GF of 8 years and our dog and cat. Always been an avid gamer, playing FPS since Marathon (any other dinosaurs remember that one lol), Ureal, Tribes, etc. Aside from procrastinating actual work with games I also enjoy smoking, snowboarding, photography, and painting. Think that about generally sums me up so if anyone would like to reach out don't hesitate. Thanks again and see ya'll out in the battlefield (just not battlefield because i don't play that lmao) Cheers!

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Re: Hey there -M- Clan!

Postby -M-SomeofThis » Mon Oct 24, 2016 3:38 pm

great post ..
Welcome to M. I'm glad you joined us. Looking forward to great times.
Things are a tad bit slow right now with BO3.
We should have 10 to 15 members playing at start of IW release,
AND as I mentioned, we will be stepping up our recruitment surge .
Not sure if this studio will have clan wars with IW (they did before) .. Hope so, because we had a blast
with the last 2 and it helps with gaining great new members.
Hop in ts any time, your friends are always welcomed too. Friend up members
on steam too.
See you in the fields.

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