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@ -M-SomeofThis « Mon 3:22 pm »
From the Myrmidons Gaming News Desk The -M- Admin staff is currently working on "-M- Olympics" "summer edition". This will be a competitive competition among -M- members with a new twist, inviting friends and recruits to join in on a team. There will be several types of competitions. From 1v1 through 6v6. The friends and recruits: this is where a member can invite a friend or someone a member is considering recruiting to sign up and join a team and or do a 1v1 competition. Sign ups are coming soon and will be posted here with the link to the sign up page. So Stay tuned in. -M-SomeofTh!s
@ Pandawubs « Mon 1:48 am »
Hey guys
@ KillaBee « Tue 7:39 pm »
I created a new Facebook Group for everyone to join and have discussions on. It will probably work better than here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/267936253660115/
@ KillaBee « Tue 9:00 pm »
Got the new board and cpu and I am back! Just trying to finish loading it all, and will be on Wednesday.
@ KillaBee « Sat 2:49 pm »
If anyone interested in a system, look in forsale area for my old one I am selling.

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